CONGO   21.1.2007-28.1.2007


truck surfing on the road from Rwanda

women at work

local clothing

local marketplace

Goma - truck buried by 2002 lava flow

Goma with Nyiragongo behind

lava buried truck used as family residence

car buried by 2002 lava flow

self made scooter for carrying the harvest into the city

Nyiragongo ascend alongside solidified lava flows

lava shreds still hanging in the trees

small lava tube with melt structures

huge summit crater with earths biggest permanent lava lake 600m below

our campsite near the rim

rare clear view of the lava lake

lava lake with usual steam around

morning dawn with lights of Goma

morning view to Virunga mountains

Mikeno with summit cloud

lava lake at dawn

lava lake at night

Nyiragongo crater at night

steep crater walls with lake below

west side view down to the lake

isolated fountaining

bursting bubble

bubbling and fountaining

lava lake storm

lake storm produces 25m high bursting bubbles


west side view at night-

small scale plate tectonics


descent through dense forest after three nights on top

big lava shred hanging in a tree branch

flowers near the trail

local ranger with his weapon

local women

local child

boy with self made scooter


hard work without any machines

young mountain gorilla

silverback mountain gorilla

female mountain gorilla


lava lake animations

lava lake at night-

small scale plate tectonics

lava lake storm - 25m bubbles

lava lake storm

isolated bubbles

boiling lava lake